Metallica’s former bassist Ron McGovney appears to be not invited to Metallica’s 40th-anniversary shows and answered a fan’s tweet about that by saying he is not going unless he is invited by James Hetfield.

The legendary heavy metal band Metallica is still working on making music as the band has plans of celebrating their 40th anniversary on music history with their Forty Years Of Metallica shows. The shows consist of two shows in their hometown San Francisco taking place on December 17 and 19, and the tickets for the shows will be available to the band’s Fifth Member fan club.

This year also marks the 30th anniversary of their ‘Black Album’ which was released on August 12, 1991. Also to celebrate this, Metallica has announced the release of ‘The Black Album Remastered’ on September 10th including reworked songs from the classic record.  On the same date as the record’s release, the band is also releasing ‘The Metallica Blacklist,’ a tribute album featuring the covers of 53 artists.

Known as the original bassist in Metallica, Ron McGovney has played with the band from October 1981 to December 1982 after working with his first band Leather Charm, the band he formed with James Hetfield. During his time with Metallica, McGovney often clashed with Lars Ulrich and Dave Mustaine over his opinions and eventually left the band on December 10, 1982, due to increasing tensions. Being replaced soon by Cliff Burton, McGovney lost his interest in playing music and sold most parts of his musical equipment.

After seeing Metallica’s announcement on Twitter about their Forty Years Of Metallica shows and the requirement of being a Fifth Member to see the shows, Ron McGowney has posted a tweet as a reply asking that if it is too late to become a fifth member. A fan saw his tweet and tried to reach out to McGovney, tweeting that he has two tickets for the shows and it would be an honor to share one of them with McGovney. McGovney then answered, thanking the fan but stating that he is not going unless he is invited by James himself.

Ron McGovney’s response to the Metallica announcement was:

“Is it too late to become a fifth member?”

Upon seeing this, the fan tweeted:

“I bought two sets of tickets for the two nights today. Ron, it would be an honor to give you one ticket for the two nights.”

Ron then responded:

“Thanks, Guillermo, but if I’m not invited by James, I’m not going.

Below are the tweets posted by McGovney.