Former Metallica bassist Ron McGovney spoke in an interview with Chris Jericho and explained why he used pick when he playing bass guitar in Metallica. He said:

“I was a pick player. Because I was a guitar player, so I played it the way James wanted me to play. James always played with a pick, so he showed me how to play with a pick. He played with a pick, I played with a pick.

When I saw Jason [Newsted] play, I was like, ‘He’s a lot like I was, but a lot more technical.’ Because Cliff [Burton] was in a different vibe – Rob [Trujillo] too. And Rob is awesome. Infectious grooves, that’s some crazy stuff.

When we were in Atlanta, they had pictures of ‘Day on the Green’ up on the screen with Cliff up there playing. And I was thinking… I was at the ‘Day on the Green.’ I drove up there and stayed in my truck in front of their house. I drove up there and they were practicing. They were practicing in a garage, just like we were practicing. You could hear them play ‘For Whom the Bell Tolls’ and all that stuff. How cool is this?

The next day, I saw them at the ‘Day on the Green’ and I saw Cliff up there and I’m like… This is about where I was standing. I was not too far away at that same show in 1985. And I was standing pretty much in the same spot. So it was kind of weird looking at him that huge up there playing, just watching him.”

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