Ron McGovney, the short-term former Metallica bassist, recently responded to a tweet about a story that Kirk Hammett told during an interview and corrected him by telling his side of the story of the first time they met.

As you might recall, Ron McGovney was Metallica’s bassist from October 1981 until December 1982 and his story with the band is definitely one of the most interesting ones in rock history. Ron and James Hetfield were childhood friends and they started their music career by forming Leather Charm.

A couple of months later, James Hetfield co-founded Metallica with Lars Ulrich and they included McGovney and Dave Mustaine in the original line-up. McGovney was a key figure in the band because aside from playing the base, he would also invite Metallica members to his parents’ garage so that they can rehearse and record there.

Soon enough, tensions grew between McGovney and the other band members. McGovney stated that he didn’t feel like he was respected as a band-mate, but that he was used for his connections as an amateur photographer, and he was the one to provide the band with financial support and transportation.

Even though he had a short term career as a bassist in Metallica, Ron McGovney still enjoys responding to questions about his former band. Recently, he came across Kirk Hammett’s interview, in which he had said that he first met Metallica members when he was still a member of Exodus and claimed that Ulrich and Hetfield don’t remember meeting him that night.

Ron McGovney responded to this claim and said that it is a funny story. However, he added that he recalls the night that Exodus opened for Metallica. He also remembers meeting Kirk Hammett that night and even complimenting him for his performance in Exodus.

Here’s what Ron McGovney said in his tweet:

“Funny…. but I remember talking to Kirk when Exodus opened for us. I told him how much I liked his band.”

You can check out the response that Ron McGovney posted on Twitter below.