Metallica’s former bassist Ron McGovney recently posted a tweet with which he revealed that he didn’t receive an invitation to the 40 Years Of Metallica shows.

Metallica is planning to celebrate the band’s 40th anniversary with their Forty Years Of Metallica shows. The shows include two performances in the band’s hometown San Francisco on December 17 and 19, with tickets only available to the Fifth Member fan club.

After Metallica announced their Forty Years Of Metallica shows on Twitter back on July 14, 2021, one of McGovney’s fans offered to share his tickets with him. However, McGovney stated he was not going unless he received an invitation from Hetfield himself.

Recently, Metallica announced in a tweet that Amazon Prime Video, The Coda Collection, and Amazon Music will be streaming their 40th-anniversary shows live for free. Upon seeing that, McGovney jokingly tweeted that it’s not free as Amazon charged him $14 this month.

Following that, one of his fans asked him if he will attend the shows. McGovney simply answered this by saying no. Another fan then asked him why he was not included in the event. As a response, McGovney stated he was not invited.

Then, one of the bassist’s followers implied that this might be a spoiler. However, as seen in McGovney’s previous statement, it seems the bassist will not attend the shows because he didn’t receive an invitation.

One of his fans tweeted McGovney that:

“You gonna be there, Ron?”

McGovney answered:


Another fan then asked the bassist:

“Why aren’t you included in the event?”

McGovney responded:

“Not invited.

One of his fans implied that:

“He will be there. He just doesn’t mean the spoiler.”

You can see the tweets below.