The Metallica guitarist that worked with the band on their first album, Lloyd Grant, recently spoke about meeting the band’s drummer Lars Ulrich for the first time.

Lloyd Grant was the guitarist of Metallica in their debut studio album, ‘Kill ‘Em All’ on the song ‘Hit the Lights.’ They put out their debut album in 1983, which was critically praised upon its release and has since been regarded as a groundbreaking album for the thrash metal genre.

The guitarist recently spoke about meeting the band for the first time and recalled what he thought about the band’s drummer Lars Ulrich. He is the band’s co-founder along with James Hetfield, and they came together later to become one of the greatest bands in the rock-metal genre.

Grant stated that Ulrich lived with his parents and tried his best to form a band while the guitarist was looking for a group to play around town. He noted that Ulrich was an interesting guy at first glance since he knew what he wanted regardless of being an inexperienced musician.

Here is what Grant said about meeting Lars Ulrich for the first time:

“Lars was already a pretty interesting guy when I first met him. He knew exactly what he was looking to do, even though he was still living with his parents at that point. I was just trying to get into a good band, particularly one that would play around town.”

The band later started to release albums non-stop. Grant didn’t work with the band after ‘Kill ‘Em All’ release until 2011. He joined Metallica for their 30th anniversary and performed with the band for the first time.