Former Mötley Crüe member who was fired by his bandmates in 1996, John Corabi had a recent Twitter conversation with some of his followers and talked about the fake accounts of him on Twitter.

Interestingly, John chose to answer his followers after almost one year. As you might check out the conversation right below, a Twitter user named Dev wrote the mention on October 19, 2018. In case, Jonh responded to that tweet earlier this month.

A user named Dev wrote this first:

“@Crablegs59 There’s a fake page pretending to be you John…it’s sending messages and following your fans… I reported it as trying to pretend to be you

Its @JohnCorabi1 so everyone needs to be aware and report it as fake.”

John Corabi responded to the tweet:

“It’s been reported. Thank you.

If everyone else can report it, that would be great.”

You can check out the tweets below.

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