Ozzy Osbourne’s ex-bassist Rudy Sarzo spoke to Ultimate Guitar and looked back on his time living and playing with Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne. He also clarified whether Sharon is a racist person or not.

As you might know, Rudy Sarzo was Ozzy Osbourne’s bassist between March 1981 and September 1982, which brought him international fame and critical acclaim. However, he left the band and reunited with Quiet Riot after his former bandmate Randy Rhoads died in a plane crash.

Even though he worked with Osbournes for a short time, Sarzo got a chance to know them while living with them. Therefore during his interview, he answered the claims about Sharon being a racist, which started when she defended her journalist friend Piers Morgan who claimed that Megan Markle is lying about the royal family.

Sarzo clearly stated that Sharon Osbourne cannot be accused of being a racist. He said that as a Cuban-American that Ozzy Osbourne’s band always consisted of people from different countries and nationalities. Furthermore, they have always supported their employees regardless of their ethnicity. All these prove that the Osbournes are not racist but actively fight discrimination.

Sarzo said in his interview that:

“OK, I’m going to tell you this one from experience. I wasn’t only in the band, I used to live with them. […] When you live with someone, you really know them. We only had one tour bus with everybody on it – so I lived with them on the road too.

I’m Cuban, and I was even more Cuban 40 years ago. I had been 20 years in the country when I got the Ozzy gig. I wasn’t even an American citizen then! I didn’t even have a passport. As a matter of fact, Sharon said we were going to Europe, and I had to tell her I didn’t have a passport because I wasn’t a citizen. She said, ‘Don’t worry about it.’

So they gave me a re-entry permit. It was just a piece of paper that said I could return to the United States because I had a green card. Here I am, I land in Germany, and there were a lot of airplane hijackings going on at the time, and they were taking the planes to Cuba.

I landed in Hamburg and I was the last guy in the band going through customs. The agent asked for my passport and I handed him this piece of paper and he starts looking at it and throwing it around the desk and before I knew it, there were guys with machine guns pointing at me.”

He went on:

“I thought they were going to send me back to Cuba. I was freaking out. Finally, the promoter shows up and pays the guys and gives me my visa, and gets me into the country. So once I got back to the US, I got my citizenship and got my passport.

My point in all this is that there has been a lot of gossips – and I say gossip because it’s not true – about Sharon being racist. Name me an artist who has had more diverse members in their band. I was Cuban,  Jake E. Lee was half-Japanese, Randy Castillo was Native American, Robert Trujillo, Mike Inez…

If there was even a molecule of racism from Sharon, that wouldn’t have happened, because not only are you in the band, but you’re also living with these people.”

Rudy Sarzo showed his support and denied the claims about Sharon Osbourne being racist by saying that he knows the family very well and she is the last person who can be a racist.