Former Black Sabbath Member who was the replacement of Bill Ward and ‘The Dead Daisies’ drummer, Tommy Clufetos, was the interview guest of Heavy New York and talked about what is missing from new-age rock music bands.

As you may follow Tommy’s career, he was born in Detroit, Michigan and he’s one of the most talented touring guitarists of the rock and heavy metal music scene. He started his drumming career when he was just seven and worked with Ted Nugent from 2001 to 2003. Right after joining and leaving Rob Zombie, he worked with Ozzy Osbourne and had issues with Rob since he claimed that he never said that he will leave the band.

In his latest interview with Heavy NYC, Tommy stated that everything is a little nice in the rock music scene nowadays. He also admitted that in earlier days, when he went up on stage, he wanted to kick everybody’s ass and he was not not to be friends with other stars.

Here is what Clufetos said:

“I’ve heard some of these bands, [and] I hear a retro thing, but it doesn’t have the same feel as that old music to me. I think bands rocked harder back in the day. It’s missing the sweat factor to me. I mean, nothing beats those early guys. When you watch Little Richard, and he’s pounding; there’s just a different passion that those guys had.

And I think in the ’70s, guys carried that energy and there was this competition and this fight between bands and competition that went on. Now everything is a little nice. Maybe that’s what it is — everything is so nice and friendly. I like a little danger. There’s not too much danger in these new bands. I think that’s what I’m missing — it’s not dangerous. Good rock and roll is supposed to be a dangerous thing.”

Tommy continued:

“When I go up there, I wanna kick everybody’s ass. I’m not out to be friends with them… When I came up and played in clubs, and there was another band, I was gonna kick their ass.

When I got on a stage with other drummers, even if I was in the opening band and there was a headlining act, I wanted to kick that drummer’s ass. Which is not a bad thing. That’s not lack of respect. It’s, ‘Look out. Here I come.’ And I play that way. And I’ve played with younger guys; they don’t play that way. Old guys play that way.”

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