Former percussionist and back vocalist of Slipknot, Chris Fehn, took to his official Instagram account to make a new announcement and excited the fans about his Plum Farmaceuticals project.

As you might already know, Chris is working as a sales representative on Plum Farms, which is releasing the products to help people who have anxiety, stress, depression, and more. Despite the fact that everybody thinks they are using marijuana for these products, they are actually rejecting these claims.

For a while, they are trying to add new categories on the official website of the Plum Farm. Today, Chris stated that something is going to happen on Friday and confirmed that they are releasing a new project.

Here is what Chris Fehn said:

“Something happening this Friday.”

You can check out the post below.

Over a month ago, Chris Fehn shared a new picture of himself with the model of the legendary basketball player, Shaquille O’Neal, and explained why he is safe during the coronavirus outbreak.

In the post, Chris said that his masks is approved by Shaquille’s model and that’s why he is going to be safe during these tough times. Also, he showed that he is following the social distancing rules and wearing a mask to be safe. Click here for the post.