Former Rolling Stone bassist, Bill Wyman made a new interview with Yahoo Entertainment and claimed that Mick Jagger was not the leader of the legendary band.

Bill Wyman shared his real thoughts about the former crew of the band and said that Brian Jones was the real leader of the band.

Here is what he said:

“Everybody thinks that it was Mick and Keith’s band, but it was Brian’s band. Whenever I’ve written books… I’ve always spent quite a bit of time explaining that Brian was the person that created the Rolling Stones in the beginning.

He chose the music. He chose the name. He was the leader. He signed all the recording contracts, the management contracts, all kinds of things.”

The Rolling Stones bassist Bill Wyman also shared his opinion about attending Brian Jones’ funeral.

Here is what he said:

“The press was so bad at the funeral. I mean, everybody’s around the grave, you know, and they’re putting the coffin in and all that and the preacher’s reading out and all his family and relatives are all like tranquilized and everything.

Everybody’s crying, upset. There’s thousands of fans everywhere. There’s kids running up to you asking for autographs, and there’s press guys with cameras everywhere, like all leaning over you and getting snaps in the grave. … There was no respect at all.”

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