During a new interview with “Three Sides Of The Coin” podcast, Fozzy frontman Chris Jericho has responded to claims that Paul Stanley is using lip-sync at the farewell tour of KISS.

He also explained why he would prefer to watch Paul Stanley instead of Adele. Here’s what said:

Paul is singing — he’s singing his ass off as much as he possibly can. But if it’s a rough time, they’re just sweetening it a bit, kind of giving it a little bit of extra love, so, once again, Paul doesn’t have to rip himself apart and the vocal sounds good. I’m not saying that’s what they’re doing, ’cause I’m not the sound mixer, but that’s my guess as to what’s happening.”

He continued:

“The only problem was, the last couple of tours, his voice had… I’m not gonna say it betrayed him, but his voice wasn’t up to snuff, and you could hear him hurting himself. We don’t want that. You don’t have to prove anything to me. It’s not about lip syncing or not lip syncing — this is show business.

If you wanna hear the song exactly the way that it’s on the record, listen to the record. ‘Cause if you’re going to a KISS [show] to bitch about the fact they’ve got some background tracks, you’re missing the point of what KISS is. ‘Cause guess what?

Paul is playing guitar, Paul is dancing, Paul is jumping around, Paul is still the greatest frontman of all time. And when Paul doesn’t think he can hit those choruses, he sits out and lets the band sing them — Eric [Singer], Gene [Simmons] — and then he vamps over top of it. He’s still singing. He’s just doing his typical Paul Stanley [shrieks], whatever it may be. That’s okay, ’cause that’s still a rock and roll show, and that’s why I’m there.

If I wanna see pitch-perfect, amazing vocals, I’ll go see freaking Adele and watch her stand there and not move and sing her pitch-perfect vocals, because it’s a different type of a show.”

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