Fozzy’s Chris Jericho recently addressed the allegations about him using backing tracks in their shows instead of performing live. He stated there was a misunderstanding after Eddie Trunk commented on Santa Cruz for lip-syncing at a concert.

In 1999, Fozzy started making music as a heavy metal band, and their sound is often regarded as the child of Metallica and Journey. At the beginning of their formation, the band focused on covering songs but later moved to original songs and released seven studio albums and one live album.

Recently, there has been a misunderstanding about their live shows. Eddie Trunk had bashed Santa Cruz for using back vocals in their live shows and that it shouldn’t be a practice as people are paying to listen live. Santa Cruz replied to Trunk’s comments by stating that everyone does it, including Fozzy’s Jericho.

Jericho recently addressed these accusations and denied using backing vocals in live shows. According to him, there is a massive misconception since they do not rely on those backing tracks. Their performances are completely live except for sounds like keyboards, background noises, and symphonies, as they cannot bring 15 people to play one song. He stated that there should be a limit on how much the bands should use help from pre-recorded tracks.

After being asked about backing tracks, Jericho’s said:

“Absolutely not. I think there’s a real misconception. You used the word ‘rely on.’ That’s also the wrong word to use as well. And Eddie Trunk came to our show at Asbury Park and did a whole show about Fozzy in that we’re all playing and singing a thousand percent. What we use tracks for are background noises, keyboards, and industrial sounds for our cover of Frankie Goes to Hollywood’s song ‘Relax.’ And that’s what bands use. Take the tracks away. As a matter of fact, in Aurora, Illinois, the tracks completely shut down on this tour.

We did the entire set exactly how it was, and it sounded great. It’s just you have the ear candy and little extra nuances that makes the show just better. It makes it sound better because you’re hearing things you can’t do if you don’t have a keyboard player or a string section. ‘Army Of One’ has a whole symphony on it. What are we going to do? Pack up 15 guys in a tour bus and take them with us down to wherever we are? Some bands do use them more. Santa Cruz was using them; that’s the band. We toured with Santa Cruz.”

You can watch the interview and video where Santa Cruz lip-syncs below.

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