In a recent conversation with SW Wall Interviews, Fozzy lead guitarist Rich Ward talked about his bandmate and singer Chris Jericho‘s talent as frontman and showman by comparing him to the others in the industry.

Fozzy’s origins date back to when Ward assembled musicians to perform as a cover band named Fozzy Osbourne during the late ’90s. The band changed its name to Fozzy quickly and gained popularity with their groundbreaking live performances.

Especially, Jericho’s talent and different style as a professional wrestler simultaneously drew significant attention. Therefore, in his interview, Ward wanted to credit the frontman’s ability to be ‘the premier showman’ both in wrestling and the music industry.

The guitarist described Jericho as one of the top five lead singers in the business, which can be seen as a bold comment by the other bands’ fans. However, it’s hard to deny Jericho’s talent as a singer and entertainer throughout his successful and inspiring career.

Ward’s statement follows:

“Fozzy started as a live band. The fact that someone signed us and gave us the ability to start making records was something we learned to do over time. Our strength still lies in being a tremendously entertaining band. Anyone who knows anything about Chris Jericho knows just his natural ability to be the premier showman in any business that he’s in.

Chris is, I would say, in the top five of all frontmen in the business today. Then the band that Chris has is a bunch of killers. All of us have been in bands our entire life, and we’ve built this incredible team of friends and family around him, and it’s exciting, man.”

You can check out the interview below.

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