Anthrax bassist for almost forty years, Frank Bello, was the latest interview guest of Machine Head’s Robb Fylnn’s ‘No Fucking Regtes With Robb Flynn‘ last week and shared the upcoming plans of his band as well as his mental status during the COVID outbreak.

As you may already check out Anthrax’s social media accounts, the band officially announced that they won’t do any tour or record something new until 2022. While the band makes virtual live events on streaming platforms, they don’t have any plans for 2021 right now.

In his latest interview with Machine Head frontman, Anthrax’s bassist admitted that he feels ready to make neither a meet-and-greet event nor a live concert in the near future. Bello also stated that he is still freaking out while shaking hands with people and he does not want to make a live show until he is absolutely sure that the coronavirus outbreak is over for good.

Frank made this statement in his latest interview:

“We’re doing periodic shows. We’re doing bits and pieces. There’s no real touring, for us, till next year; there’s no new record till next year. It makes sense. We’re doing several of the Danny Wimmer  — all that stuff. And it’s all fun. And it’ll be nice to see people in general and get a little taste of it as we come out of the pandemic. We’re kind of dipping our toes in.

I was just at this meeting the other day at some restaurant, and the dude comes out. I know it’s me; I know I’m anal-retentive at this point. I’m fucking freaking out on it. He walks right up to me with his hand out. It’s like a defense mechanism. I put out my elbow fucking immediately. It’s like a karate thing all of sudden.

Dude, I’m in Japan at this fucking point. I’m bowing and shit. Fuck the rest of this garbage. No fucking way. Most of these fucking people have sweaty goddamn hands. No offense to people. It’s just too many germs touching your fucking hand. We all learned now — we just fucking learned this shit.”

You can watch the interview below.