Anthrax bass guitarist Frank Bello remembered the time when they were touring with Iron Maiden during a recent appearance on Metal Pilgrim Podcast.

In the conversation, Frank talked about how much he loves Iron Maiden and the band members, and praised their talent as well as their personalities. Afterward, he explained how he ended up falling down during the show.

As Frank said, there was a carpet on the side of the stage. Unfortunately, this was a problem for the band because they were running around on the stage to give a great show for the fans.

While Frank was hanging around on the stage, he didn’t realize that part of the rug on the stage didn’t have a stage under it. Therefore, he went straight down into the pit after jumping on top of it.

Furthermore, Frank pointed out that he didn’t get seriously injured due to this incident as a security guard caught him, but he mentioned that he could have broken his head, which would end their show as well as the tour.

Frank Bello on falling down on the stage:

“Anthrax was touring with Iron Maiden, I remember one tour we toured with Iron Maiden – I love them, probably one of my favorite metal groups in the world.

I love them all, they’re my friends, all the good stuff. So we were touring, and I remember, the side of the stage had carpet on it, and you know, Anthrax is pretty active, we were going around, working the crowd and having fun…

And I remember this part – I didn’t realize part of the rug on the stage didn’t have stage under it. It was a very high stage, so I went like a fool, and I jumped onto the side, I went straight down into the pit.

He continued:

“All of a sudden you saw the bass neck up, and I bounced off of two security dudes. One, thank god, grabbed me before my head hit. So that was a crazy time because I don’t think I ever fell that far until, you know, the inevitable, you feel like you’re going to crack your head at any second? You’re just falling.

I had this big piece of wood in my hand, which is the bass. I said, ‘I can’t even move, I can’t do anything.’ So I’m just bouncing off of people – that was a truly crazy time because I just didn’t see there was no stage under that rug.

It was just this little piece, and I went right through it, and all of a sudden my bass neck was up in the air, I’m looking at it, falling, bouncing off of these poor guys, and thank god one of them caught me.

But that was one of the crazier times because I don’t even know if there would’ve been another show after that if I would have broken my head on that, it would’ve been over.”

You can listen to the full interview below.