Anthrax bassist Frank Bello recently appeared as a guest on The Metal Voice and reflected on a special moment with Metallica’s Cliff Burton who passed away in a tragic bus crash in 1986.

Former Metallica bassist Cliff Burton passed away at the age of 24 in a bus crash while he was touring with the band. At the time, Metallica had been touring Europe for their ‘Master of Puppets’ album. The disastrous accident happened when the bus ran off the road due to the alleged black ice on it.

Cliff Burton was asleep when the accident happened and unfortunately, he fell out of the window before the bus landed on top of him. There are also some controversies circulating around Burton’s heartbreaking death as revealed by James Hetfield before.

It is still not known that whether there was really black ice on the road or not. Hetfield had implied that the accident may have also happened because the bus driver was drunk.

Frank Bello has always shown his admiration for Cliff Burton and praised his playing style. Burton was a big source of inspiration for Bello as he watched Cliff playing every night. During a recent interview, Bello recalled his final conversation with Cliff Burton before his tragic death.

Bello stated that Anthrax and Metallica members were really close and hanging out together in those days. Anthrax bassist remembered that after a show, he told Burton that he would see him later on. Bello recalled that Cliff said to him maybe he would. Frank Bello remembered this moment as their final interaction and reflected that he can’t still forget it.

Frank Bello on his final conversation with Cliff Burton:

“We were young, touring every day, you get used to the same people hanging out together every day Anthrax and Metallica. I would watch their show every night, I always loved what Cliff was doing, talking with his bass. Cliff was innovative, he always thought outside the box as a bass player.

There was this little saying we had, ‘Hey, maybe I will see you later…’ The last vision I have of Cliff was, his bus was going and Cliff was walking out the door and I said to him, ‘Hey, Cliff, maybe I will see you later…’ Then he pokes his head from out the bus and says maybe I will. And that is the last vision from him I remember, and it still haunts me.

You can check out the full conversation on The Metal Voice below.