Anthrax bassist for over four decades, Frank Bello, was recently interviewed by ‘No Fuckin’ Regrets With Robb Flynn‘ this week and recalled the days he managed to become an Anthrax member while he was the guitar tech of the band.

You may follow Bello’s career that he’s the bassist of Anthrax for more than 30 years and released more than ten studio albums with the legendary New York City-based heavy metal band. While he shared that he does not feel ready to make any live show in a short time, in his latest interview with Robb Flynn, Bello recalled the days he became the latest member of Anthrax.

As much as being a talented bassist, Bello was a guitar tech before joining the band and became an Anthrax member after a couple of months releasing their debut album ‘Fistful of Metal’ which is still considered as one of the best albums of the band.

Here is what Bello said:

“I got in Anthrax the day the record came out, ‘Fistful of Metal,’ the actual release day, believe it or not. I didn’t play on it, I didn’t write any of it – I auditioned, got in the band, and it worked out.

And I did the touring. These were the early days of craziness, five dollars a day. You went on tour, so breakfast, lunch, and dinner – five dollars a day, make it count. What are you eating? [Laughs] It was very much coffee and bread, whatever works.”

You can watch the interview below.