Anthrax bassist Frank Bello spoke to David Slavković from Ultimate Guitar and stated that they had to leave the tour due to financial difficulties when they were touring with Black Sabbath back in 1986.

Besides his successful music career, Frank Bello has also been involved in different activities like acting and writing. He appeared in a few films and tv shows as an actor. Bello also recently published his autobiography named ‘Fathers, Brothers, and Sons,’ in which he focused on some profound moments from his life. His memoir was well appreciated by Anthrax fans as it includes stories from Anthrax’s creative process and tours.

Black Sabbath released their twelfth studio album, ‘Seventh Star,’ in 1986, but its sounds were very different from the band’s earlier albums. Tony Iommi had planned it as a solo album initially, but he had to give up due to conflicts with the recording company. Thus, it was released under the name of Black Sabbath. Then, Black Sabbath organized a tour to promote the album, and Anthrax also joined them along with W.A.S.P.

During the conversation, Frank Bello recalled their 1986 tour and said that he was very excited to play with Black Sabbath. At the time, Tony Iommi was the only original member still in the band, and Bello praised his kind attitude towards Anthrax. Frank explained that they had to leave the tour unfortunately due to poor ticket sales. The money paid wasn’t enough for them to continue.

Here is how Bello revealed the story behind their leaving the tour:

“Tony Iommi is one of the best people. We’re all die-hard fans so we were very excited. You have to understand – it was just Tony in the band, from the Sabbath that we knew. But there were other great players in the band, they were all great players – and Glenn Hughes, the voice of rock, it was awesome, it was awesome.

That tour didn’t last too long; it was only like six shows that we did, and then, unfortunately, the ticket sales weren’t there – there wasn’t enough money for us to stay on, so we had to leave. But, what I saw was great, you know. I love Tony Iommi – you know, who doesn’t love Tony Iommi? He’s the riff master.

He was always great to Anthrax, he was always very friendly and kind, Glenn was always great, so… That was a great time because we got to play with Tony and Black Sabbath. That was fun.”

Frank Bello showed his great admiration for Tony Iommi, although the tour didn’t end well. It seems like Anthrax’s tour with Black Sabbath just came at the wrong time, and the income they earned failed to satisfy their needs.