Anthrax bassist Frank Bello recently joined Full Metal Jackie’s weekend radio program for an interview and reflected on the new material he has been working on. Bello stated that he will collaborate with David Ellefson for his upcoming solo album.

Frank Bello and David Ellefson have been longtime friends, and they are also no strangers to working together as they teamed up for a heavy metal side project, named ‘Altitudes & Attitude,’ before. The duo released a three-track EP in 2014, and in 2019, EP was upgraded to a full-length album. They re-recorded the original songs and added ten new songs to the album.

Frank Bello contributed to many Anthrax albums, but he hasn’t released any solo work yet. He revealed in the past months that he’s been working on a solo album and has already written some music and recorded some parts. During the interview, he was asked about the progress of his first solo album.

Bello explained that there are two sides to his music career. One of them is what he does with Anthrax, and the other is the things he produces for himself. Then, he reminded the listeners of his previous collaboration with David Ellefson and said that his solo work will probably be like a continuation of that. Bello added that people had positive reactions to their music together, and so he hopes that they will also like his new music.

Frank Bello speaking on his upcoming first solo album:

“You have two sides of your life — the Anthrax side (it’s really the specific music you write for that and all takes care of itself) and you have other songs that are really not Anthrax, and you put it to the side, and you say, ‘What do I do with this? This sounds like something from inside me.’

I’ve done that with a collection of these songs, and for people who haven’t heard this before, David Ellefson and I did a side project a couple of years ago called ‘Altitudes and Attitude.’ This is more like a continuation of that. I wrote a lot of this stuff on that with Dave, and this is just me. This is the next step of those songs.

People really that dug that and really like that music, so I think they will like this. I don’t know when I’m going to put it out. I don’t know if it’s going to be an EP or a full record, but I have them put away, and I’m still writing as we speak.”

Frank Bello also noted that he still has too much uncertainty in his head related to his solo work. He is still in the writing process, so he has no idea about the album’s release date yet. Bello also said that he is unsure whether it will be an EP or a full-length album.