Deftones’ Frank Delgado recently spoke about the band’s retirement plans with NME. He stated that the band is just getting started, and they deserve the attention.

Deftones is known to be one of the most experimental bands in the industry. Their music has been spread out into nine studio albums which sold 10 million worldwide. The band is surely a gem for metal music, and they are still actively putting work out there for their fans.

They released their latest album, ‘Ohms’ in 2020, and the follow-up tour was canceled due to the pandemic that forced everyone to stay at home for two years. After the pandemic restrictions lifted, the band went on their long-awaited tour. However, they faced a lineup change in 2021.

The bassist Sergio Vega left the band, and in April 2022, Fred Sablan joined as a touring bassist and another addition Lance Jackman as a touring guitarist. However, the band is not giving up and is more excited than ever for their future. Recently, Frank Delgato stated that the pandemic gave them fire to keep on doing this for a longer time and revealed that they have no plans at all for retirement.

Here are Delgato’s recent words:

“[The band is] still only scratching the surface. It feels like we’re only just getting started. We open with a new one as well. [‘Genesis’] is a banger, and we feel it deserves the attention. It’s us putting our dick on the fucking table, basically.”

After releasing their new single ‘Genesis,’ the American band is in Europe and touring all around the famous cities for festivals. They are expected to be in Clisson, France, on June 17, and the tickets are already sold out. Their next stops for this tour are countries such as the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Croatia, Hungary, Germany, Spain, Finland, and Sweden.