The legendary musician Frank Zappa’s son, rock guitarist Dweezil Zappa, posted a tweet on his Twitter account and reacted to the hateful comment that Wolfgang Van Halen received considering his father.

As you may recall, on the 13th of November, Wolfgang Van Halen received a highly disrespectful tweet from an account on Twitter. The account accused him of ‘leeching off‘ of Eddie’s name as a means of promoting himself and told him that he should leave the band and give the spot to ‘his rightful owner’ because he is talentless.

Such a disrespectful and heartbreaking accusation received numerous responses supporting Wolf and judging the account for lying and being insensitive during such a difficult time for Eddie’s family.

Wolfgang also responded to the tweet by saying that he doesn’t even have the energy to come up with a joke as a response to such a message and called the user a ‘lame a–hole‘ while saying that he must be leading a pretty sad life.

Even though he received a lot of support from his fans, followers, and friends, it seems that Wolf regretted posting such a message and decided to delete it. However, before he deleted it, Dweezil Zappa had the chance to respond to Wolf’s comment and show his stance against the hateful comment Wolf received.

Dweezil Zappa responded to Wolf with a supportive and heartfelt message and expressed his sorrow towards the negative messages Wolf has been receiving while saying that Wolf’s love for his father ‘speaks volumes.’ Zappa reassured him the hateful comments will soon stop, and his music will speak for itself, silencing people’s negative comments.

Dweezil Zappa also said that Eddie’s legacy, Van Halen, is in good hands and he asked Twitter users to respect both Eddie’s family and his legacy. Even though Wolf has not replied to this message, it is highly probable that Dweezil made him feel better.

Here’s what Dweezil Zappa said as a response to Wolf’s now-deleted response:

“I’m sorry you’re hearing the worst from some people. It won’t always be that way. Your love for your dad speaks volumes and it always will. Your own music will speak for itself and you won’t have to explain anything to anyone. The Van Halen name is in good hands, everyone! Respect.”

You can check out the tweet that Dweezil Zappa posted on his Twitter account below.