Frankie Banali’s widow Regina Russell Banali recently posted an announcement via Quiet Riot’s Facebook page to warn fans about an unauthorized album reissue.

In October 2019, Frankie Banali publicly revealed his stage-IV pancreatic cancer diagnosis. A year later, on August 20, 2020, the musician died from the disease at age 68. Following this tragic incident, Quiet Riot decided to move on and recruited Johnny Kelly as Banali’s replacement.

As of now, Frankie Banali’s widow Regina Russell Banali manages his estate and owns the Quiet Riot brand. So, she decided to take a step ahead when she realized Cleopatra Records announced an illegal reissue of Quiet Riot’s cornerstone album ‘Alive And Well.’

In May, Cleopatra Records announced that they would reissue ‘Alive And Well’ on June 17 as a deluxe 2-CD set and a 2-LP vinyl package. This album is an important release in Quiet Riot’s history as it reunited Kevin DuBrow, Carlos Cavazo, Rudy Sarzo, and Frankie Banali.

Upon noticing Cleopatra Record’s illegal move, Banali’s widow posted an announcement on the band’s Facebook page to urge fans not to purchase this unauthorized reissue as the contract that Quiet Riot signed with them prohibits reissues.

Quiet Riot’s Facebook post read:

Please do not purchase the unauthorized illegal ‘reissue’ of one of our past albums from the ’90s that a record company is attempting to release tomorrow. They are in breach of contract. The contract Quiet Riot signed with them prohibits reissues, repackaging, and rereleasing.

This is fraudulent, and we are taking legal steps to shut this down. Please don’t send money anywhere to purchase this, thinking this is a legitimate product. We appreciate our fans and hope none of you will buy this. Thank you. Please don’t post links to it in the comments.”

In the post’s comments section, many Quiet Riot fans thanked Regina Banali for the notice and stated they wouldn’t buy the reissue. According to the statement, the band’s legal team is taking the necessary steps to remove the release.

You can listen to ‘Alive And Well’ below.