The legendary late star of Queen, Freddie Mercury’s biggest fan page on social media, FreddieMercuryClub has shared another rare photo of Freddie Mercury with Eighties synth-rock singer, Annie Lennox via its Instagram account.

The photo was taken at The Ivor Novello Awards in 1987. As you might see in the photo below, the couple was dancing while they touch each other sincerely. They also look at each other in a really romantic way.

First of all, FreddieMercuryClub celebrated the 65th birthday of Annie Lennox with this photo. The page also added what Annie Lennox told about Freddie Mercury earlier.

Here’s what it captioned:

“Happy 65th birthday to the brilliant Annie Lennox 🙌❤🎉

“For me, he (Freddie) represents an era when people were less afraid of living life to the full. This was in the Seventies when rock’s extravagances went beserk. Perhaps we’re not living in that time anymore.

There’s a glorious rebelliousness about it, of freedom attached to it, that represents that whole spirit of rock ‘n’ roll.”

-Annie Lennox.

📷 Freddie & Annie at The Ivor Novello Awards in 1987.”

An Instagram user named paula.oliveira.969 said:

“Happy birthday Annie Lennox🎉🎂 How beautiful he is here.”

Another user named alainnaib wrote:

“Freddy et ANNIE deux grands artistes photo très sympa thanks you.”

You can see the Instagram post right below.