The legacy of Freddie Mercury, the British legend and the frontman of Queen, has continued with the latest action that taken for Pride 2020 by his team.

It was announced on the official Instagram account of Mercury that the organization team arranged the partnership with Hard Rock Cafe for Pride 2020 in honor of Freddie Mercury. The limited-editionAll is One‘ pride merchandise was launched which is available in Hard Rock’s pride range.

It was also stated that some of the proceeds will go to The Mercury Phoenix Trust, a foundation that tries to raise the global awareness of HIV/AIDS. Following the moving tribute concert in 1992, Brian May, Roger Taylor, and Jim Beach set up The Mercury Phoenix Trust in memory of the iconic Freddie Mercury who died from HIV/AIDS in 1991.

Here is what was said on the announcement of the pride merchandise:

All Is One… 💜❤️🧡💛💚💙
For Pride 2020 we are partnering with Hard Rock Cafe who have created a limited edition ‘All is One’ pride merchandise to honor Freddie Mercury, with some of the proceeds going to The Mercury Phoenix Trust supporting the global awareness of HIV/AIDS.

Check out Hard Rock’s pride range in your local rock shop.”

You can see the announcement post below.