An Instagram fan account dedicated to Queen’s legendary frontman, Freddie Mercury, recently posted a photo of Freddie and shared the segments of a rare interview in which Freddie Mercury states that he always looked up to Jimi Hendrix.

Freddie is one of the most famous rockstars of all time and a performer who has earned the title of a star. His contribution to the rock culture and history is still apparent today. Freddie achieved a lot of things both with his four-octave vocal range and his flamboyant performances.

Thus, it should be of no surprise that there are still dozens of fan pages dedicated to such a legend. These loyal fan pages have such love and respect for Freddie that they research and sometimes find rare interviews.

Recently, one of Freddie Mercury’s fan pages uncovered an old interview where Freddie Mercury talks about Jimi Hendrix’s influence on his music career and performances. The fan page also provided their followers with a background story considering the time in which Freddie was inspired by Jimi Hendrix the most.

It turns out that Freddie’s admiration for Jimi Hendrix dates back to the late 1960s when he was still an art and design student who dreamed of becoming a rockstar. Freddie kept a photo of him on his mirror as an inspiration because he looked up to Hendrix not only for his music but his style and exceptional stage performances.

In the interview, Freddie described Jimi Hendrix as a ‘beautiful man, a master showman, and a dedicated musician‘. It turns out that Freddie would go to his concerts all around the country and follow his career very closely. He says that Hendrix had everything a rock’n’roll star needed, he had the style and presence.

The influence of Jimi Hendrix on Freddie’s style is obvious and it can be said that throughout his career, Freddie mimicked Jimi Hendrix’s style and stage presence. Even though Freddie had a unique style of his own, Hendrix’s influence is easy to spot.

Freddie also said that Jimi Hendrix had and was everything Freddie wanted to have and be. Hendrix was not only his inspiration but his idol. Freddie said that Jimi Hendrix ‘epitomizes, with his presentation on stage, the whole works of a rock star.’

When Hendrix passed away, Freddie was still a star in the making and was selling second-hand clothes with Roger Taylor. Freddie was inconsolable and they closed the stall early that day. That night, they paid tribute to Jimi Hendrix by performing some of his songs.

When Queen made it, Freddie paid tribute to his hero and idol in the lyrics of the Queen’s hit song ‘Miracle‘ by including Hendrix in the list ofwonders of the world.’ It is not surprising to see that legendary Freddie Mercury’s idol was yet another iconic rockstar but it sure is nice to still uncover unknown facts about Freddie’s life.

Here is what the fan page wrote in the caption:

“Freddie miming Jimi Hendrix on a T-Square at Ealing College of Art, 1969.

When Freddie was still Freddie Bulsara, an art and design student (and aspiring musician) at Ealing Art College in the late 1960s, his dream was already firmly fixed on musical stardom.

He looked up to Jimi Hendrix, who was already creating waves across the world with his outrageous style and extraordinary stage presence. Freddie kept a photograph of the American psychedelic rock star on his bedroom mirror for inspiration.”

Here’s what Freddie said about Jimi Hendrix:

“Jimi Hendrix was just a beautiful man, a master showman, and a dedicated musician. I would scour the country to see him, whenever he played because he really had everything any rock’n’roll star should have; all the style and presence.”

He (Hendrix) didn’t have to force anything. He’d just make an entrance and the whole place would be on fire. He was living out everything I wanted to be. He is very important. He’s my idol. He sort of epitomizes, with his presentation on stage, the whole works of a rock star.”

Here’s the rest of the caption written by Freddie’s fan page:

“Hendrix died while Freddie was still dreaming of stardom selling second-hand clothes at Kensington Market with Queen bandmate Roger Taylor. Freddie was apparently ‘inconsolable’ at the news and closed the stall for the day.

Later that night he and Roger with Brian May paid tribute to the fallen star on stage with a medley of Hendrix’s hits, including Voodoo Chile, Purple Haze, and Foxey Lady. A year later, Freddie would pay homage to his hero in the lyrics of the Queen hit ‘Miracle’, including Hendrix in the list of ‘wonders of the world.'”

You can check out the photo posted by Freddie Mercury’s fan club below.