The legendary frontman of Queen, Freddie Mercury, still has a huge fan base who have created fan accounts for him and share rare interviews, photos and anything related to Freddie. Recently, one of these pages posted a rare interview of Freddie reacting to other bands’ attitude.

The fact that Freddie Mercury has such a big fanbase such not come as a surprise as he’s without a doubt, one of the most successful and famous rockstars of all time. He contributed to the rock culture and history immensely, with both his talent as a vocalist and his flamboyant style that altered the conventions of a rock frontman.

Freddie is unforgettable both as a musician and as a person. He was known for his crazy lifestyle but also appreciated for his kindness and thoughtfulness towards his family, friends, and fans. His devoted fans continue his legacy and keep his memory alive by finding rare interviews that reach thousands of Freddie Mercury fans all around the world.

In a rare interview, Freddie was asked about the relationship between the band members and how they have stayed together after 10 years of working together. Being the co-founder of the all-time favorite band Queen, often made Freddie the target of questions like these which he enjoyed answering first with a joke and then seriously.

Thus, his first response was that they love money which then led the interviewer to say that this reason was not enough for other bands. To this, Freddie responded that money is one of the most important things that keep a band together and if some bands don’t agree with this, they are talking out of their arse.’

Freddie stressed the importance of income and stated that the bands who give different answers to these questions are lying because money is one of the most important factors. This humorous answer was highly appreciated by Freddie’s fans who showed their unending love for him in the comments.

As you can see in the additional statement below, Freddie also said that even though it is important for his dear bandmate Brian May to be respected as an artist, for him it is more important that people have fun and appreciate Queen’s music.

Here’s what the fan page wrote in the caption of the video:

“Freddie during an interview with MTV in 1984❤️.

 I love everything about this interview, how handsome he looks, the way he smokes, and his humor ah!  His humor is the best thing ever.”

Here’s what the interviewer asked:

“You’ve just started your second decade together as a band, What do you think has kept the band together, so intact, the same personnel for so many years?”

To which Freddie replied:


Then when the interviewer mentioned money wasn’t the only motivation for many other bands, Freddie said:

“Oh, we love money. If they say that they don’t like the money, they’re talking out of their ass, to be honest, they really are.”

Here’s the rest of Freddie’s answer which is not in the video:

“Money is part of it, yeah but on a serious note, we just want to make, you know, we want to make our music, and just because you made lots of money, and you’re successful doesn’t mean that’s enough. This is the hardest time for us. This is a big test. I mean we’ve been in business 12 years, and our records still sell, and to keep it going that much further is hard. It’s very difficult.

And to be honest, I’m sure Brian would say ‘in the end, we want to be respected as musicians.’ I don’t want to change people’s lives by music. I just want people, after I finished, to say that ‘Queen was a band that came out with good music and people enjoyed their music and had fun.’ That’s basically it. And I certainly don’t wanna give up now. I have nothing else to do.”

You can check out the video that Freddie Mercury’s fan club posted below.