One of the highly-anticipated Freddie Mercury fan pages on Instagram, freddie_mrcry, posted a bunch of new photos on their account and showed off the latest work of the famous 3D sculptor named Hadi Karimi.

As you might already familiar with his works that he made lots of crazy sculptures of legendary Black Sabbath star Ozzy Osbourne to Hollywood stars like Will Smith.

Today, the fan page exposed some of his finest works and showed how he managed to make a perfect sculpture of Freddie. Despite the work of Hadi looks as perfect as it gets, some of the fans didn’t like the sculpture.

Here is the caption about his recent work:

“3D-Sculpture of Freddie by the extremely talented artist Hadi Karimi.🖤⁣

👉 It really amazes me how some people are able to sort of re-creating people like this! It scares me a little bit, not gonna lie.😆

But that doesn’t take away the fact that this is amazing and very, very beautifully made! 🌟”

A fan named Charlie commented:

“It does not look like him. Similar, but not Freddie.”

Instagram page responded:

“What do you expect? Of course, it’s not really Freddie as in ‘the human being’. It’s a 3D-sculpture and it’s already a very big deal that it looks a lot like Freddie.”

An Instagram user named iam_angiejohnson asked this:

“So how exactly are you creating these things are you pulling in an image and then mapping around it.”

Hadi Karimi responded and addressed a video:

“There are time lapses on my page.”

You can check out these astonishing photos right below.