The iconic Queen singer Freddie Mercury’s boyfriend Jim Hutton spoke about his special memories with Freddie in a rare interview, and he revealed how did they meet in a gay nightclub.

Freddie Mercury met his first long-term boyfriend Jim Hutton at a gay nightclub in the mid-80s. After their first meeting, they fell in love, and their relationship continued until Freddie Mercury’s tragic death in 1991.

After the tragic death of the late Queen icon, Jim Hutton’s 1994 interview with Channel 4’s ‘The Big Breakfast’ was exposed these days. He recalled his first meeting with Freddie Mercury.

Here’s what Jim Hutton stated:

“We first met accidentally in a club. He offered to buy me a drink and I told him to sling his hook, basically. I didn’t know who he was. He was a total, absolute stranger.

Some months after that, I was out at a restaurant and a friend I was with just happened to mention, ‘Oh, guess who’s behind you…’ [It was] Freddie Mercury again.

I didn’t see Freddie Mercury again for 18 months and then bumped into him in a club. That was it. The same routine again: ‘Let me buy you a drink…'”

He continued:

“I still kept my job as a hairdresser. I just went on with my everyday life.”

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