In a rare interview which was unearthed by The Times, Freddie Mercury’s longtime boyfriend Jim Hutton has shared the story of how Freddie asked him out for dinner.

According to Alternative Nation, here’s the story:

“Joe (Fanelli, Mercury’s cook) told me. I honestly hadn’t recognised him. It didn’t matter to me. My preference was for meatier men. From the waist down Freddie was a swizzle-stick. But there was something about him.

He pursued me. One night I had made my supper, bangers and mash, when Freddie called, asking me to dinner. ‘I’m just making mine’, I said. He said, ‘Turn it off. I’m send- ing a chauffeur to pick you up’.”

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In another interview, Freddie Mercury‘s fiancee Mary Austin had an interview with Express, and revealed what Freddie’s gay friends were thinking about her.

She said:

“Freddie said, ‘If things had been different, you would have been my wife and this would have been yours anyway.’

Some of the fans even told me I was only the keeper of the house. That hurt. I know several of Freddie’s gay friends were surprised Freddie had left so much to me.

There those who thought they should have been left the house. It was like people begrudged me having what he had left me.

I felt very much out of my depth really. Freddie’s staff had been like family to me, but after his death most of them had left because he’d been so generous to them. I had sleepless nights worrying about everything. I felt as if I’d done something wrong and paranoia set in.”

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