In a new documentary about the late Queen legend Freddie Mercury, lots of his friends made crucial statements about Freddie and his tremendous relationship with Mary Austin.

You might all be familiar with the description of how Mary Austin is known as the ‘Love of Freddie’s Life,’ but it seems that their relationship was so deeper than that.

According to Freddie’s live-in personal agent, Peter Freestone, Mary Austin looked Freddie after for the first years when he could not make a penny.

Here is what Peter told Channel 5:

“She (Mary) was incredibly important. Don’t forget, she looked after him for the first years when he wasn’t making a penny and Mary was working.

So she paid the rent, she paid for everything when they were living together from 1969.”

One of his friends who talked about Freddie’s relationship with Mary was a famous actor, Yasmine Pettigrew.

Here is what she said:

“She stuck by him and he stuck by her. You put your life in your hands if you tried to come between them, that’s for sure. Everyone knew that.

They had a bond which people who together forever have.”

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