One of the most followed fan pages of Queen legend Freddie Mercury, Freddie Mercury Club, uploaded ‘Freddie And Me’ book that written by Freddie’s long-term boyfriend, Jim Hutton.

In this book, Jim wrote all the memories he had with such a legend like Freddie, and the admin of the page wanted to spotlight the day when the couple first met each other in the bar.

In the writing, Jim mentioned that Freddie asked him a drink when he was chilling at the bar in 1983 and revealed the weirdest question that Freddie asked, which was about the length of his penis. After this question, the couple started to hang out in the bar.

However, Jim refused to join Freddie’s life back in the days. But, they met at the same bar after two years, and the relationship started with the couple which ended with the devastating death of the legendary frontman.

Here is what Jim Hutton write in the book:

“‘Let me buy you this,’ said a voice. I looked up. It was the chap from the Cocobana in 1983. Freddie thing. I’d had a fair amount of drink. My tongue had loosened up. My defenses were down. ‘No, I’ll buy you one,’ I said.

A large vodka tonic came the reply. There went my fiver in one go. If I was lucky I would be left with a little over £1, perhaps enough to get the night bus back to Sutton. ‘How big’s your d*ck?’ Freddie asked, laughing. It was, I later learned, a typically outrageous Freddie opening gambit.

I don’t like answering such personal questions, so I said: ‘It’s none of your business!’ I hadn’t been so drunk I’d had told him to fuck off. But I reprimand him on his accent, a sort of mid-Atlantic drawl.”

He continued:

“‘I haven’t got an American accent,’ he answered. He introduced himself as ‘Freddie’. I knew he was Freddie Mercury, but still had a little inkling who he actually was, nor what he did. It didn’t seem to matter.

Freddie asked me to join his crowd of friends, who were groupped in the middle of the bar. Joe Fanelli was there, and Peter Straker, the singer, with a couple of others. Joe was fair-haired, worked out and was in his thirties, with a cautious approach to people and life.

I haven’t got a clue what any of us talked about that night; I let them do most of the talking.  A little later Freddie whispered in my ear: ‘Come on, let’s go and dance.’ We made straight for the dance floor.

I was a bit of a raver in those days, if sufficiently well oiled. I’d get up and dance by myself if the mood took me — tearing the floor to bits along with anyone unlucky enough to be in my way. For a few good hours I threw Freddie across the floor. I think he admired my unselfconscious, bullish dancing…”

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⁣✨MERCURY AND ME — MAGAZINE CONCEPT✨⠀ —⠀ 👉 Freddie and Jim met at a night club in 1983 but Jim decided to ignore him. Later on, in 1985 they met again in the same night club, after Jim broke up with his boyfriend at the time and Freddie and Jim’s romance began.⠀ ⠀ 💬 “He loved his cats. I’d get in from work. We’d lie together on the sofa. He would massage my feet and ask about my day.” ⠀ ⠀ 👨🏻 “It was 6 A.M. He wanted to look at his paintings. ‘How am I going to get downstairs?’ he asked. ‘I’ll carry you,’ I said. But he made his own way, holding on to the banister."⠀ ⠀ ➡ Alright so this is a little Jimercury edit I made! I wasn’t thinking of an edit like this when I told you I had something in mind but then I realized doing a magazine about the book would be interesting ☺.⠀ ⠀ 🔉 The text is taken from the book, some of my favorite parts and the pictures are also scanned from the book! I hope you guys enjoy this little edit because I love design when it comes to posters, books, covers or magazines😍.⠀ 🤭 I love doing mockups (the last 2 pictures) to see how these things would look in real life 😂😍. ⠀ —— Again as I always say whenever I post of Jimercury or Mary and Freddie, please comment with respect. You have your right to not like Jim or Mary but please be respectful because they both meant a lot to Freddie and I also don’t want to see bad vibes don this account. You can ALWAYS say your opinion, I will respect it as long as you say it with respect☺.

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