Queen legend Freddie Mercury’s fan page, Mercury MyLove, has shared a photo of Freddie Mercury and his ex-boyfriend, Jim Hutton, revealing Jim’s statement about their relationship and what Freddie gave to him amid their relationship.

Jim Hutton stated that they never discussed how much time they will spend together and just lived by what they are. Also, Jim said that Freddie gave him what he wants from life in this short relationship: joy and love.

Here is what Jim Hutton said:

“Freddie and I never discussed how much time we will spend together. We just lived by what we were and we will be together. From time to time he asked me what I want from life. I answered: joy and love. Freddie gave me that, and others.”

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During the interview with The Big Breakfast in 1994, Jim Hutton revealed how they met each other in the gay nightclub. Jim stated that he didn’t even know who Freddie was in the first place, and he said that Freddie appeared months later after this happened.

Here is what Jim Button said:

“We first met accidentally in a club. He offered to buy me a drink and I told him to sling his hook, basically. I didn’t know who he was. He was a total, absolute stranger.

Some months after that, I was out at a restaurant and a friend I was with just happened to mention, ‘Oh, guess who’s behind you…’ Freddie Mercury again.”

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