One of the most popular fan pages of Queen legend Freddie Mercury, freddiemercuryfanclub, has shared rare photos of Freddie and talented singer, Liza Minnelli, and celebrated her 74th birthday.

In the caption of the post, the admin shared Freddie’s thoughts about Liza and his admiration for her. Freddie praised her beauty, talent, and energy at the same time and stated that her shows are so similar to Queen’s.

After Freddie passed away and left his legacy in this world, Queen decided to do a tribute concert in memory of Freddie in 1992. Furthermore, Liza was one of the musicians as the guest of the band, and she sang ‘We Are The Champions‘ and paid her tribute to Freddie.

As you can check out the picture below, Freddie and Liza were sincerely hugging each other and giving a sweet pose for the camera. Freddie was wearing a blue jacket on top of the white shirt. Oh the other hand, Liza was wearing a really shiny black dress with a huge decollete.

In fourteen hours, the post reached around 16K likes and most of the fans headed to the comment section to share their reactions.

Here is what Freddie Mercury said about Liza Minelli:

“I like the cabaret-ish sort of thing. In fact, one of my early inspirations came from Cabaret. I absolutely adore Liza Minelli, she is a total wow.

The way she delivers her song-the sheer energy. The way the lights enhance every movement of the show. I think you can see similarities in the excitement and energy of Queen show.”

A fan named Joanne Markos added this comment:

“Thank you again for your wonderful posts ❤️ And Happy Birthday Ms. Liza ❤️❤️❤️ I miss Freddie every day.”

Another fan named Lauran Kane wrote:

“Happy birthday Liza ❤️. That’s one concert I can’t get myself to watch. 😭”

You can check the post below.