One of the biggest fan pages of the late Queen frontman Freddie Mercury shared a post on Instagram revealing a rare interview of Freddie talking about the icon Michael Jackson and the relationship between two legendary musicians.

As many of you may know, the two most iconic musicians Freddie Mercury and Michael Jackson had a close friendship after they met at one of Queen’s concerts in the ’80s. Freddie once revealed in an interview back in 1983 that the two even occasionally go out to have dinner.

While Freddie opened up about his opinions on him, Michael Jackson also revealed in one interview with Rolling Stone that he is a huge fan of Freddie. When he was asked if he can be referred to as a Queen fan, he stated that he is a Freddie Mercury fan which showed the friendship and mutual admiration between the two.

Here is what the interviewer asked:

 “Can I tell my viewers that Michael Jackson is a Queen fan?”

Here is how Michael Jackson replied:

I’m a Freddie Mercury fan.”

Recently, a rare interview of Freddie Mercury has been resurfaced by one of the biggest fan pages of him on Instagram. In the interview, Freddie revealed that the fact that Michael Jackson’s being only 25 yet more experienced than him was frightening since Freddie could not use the advantage of his age and teaching him what he learned.

In addition to this, Freddie Mercury also revealed that one of Queen’s songs may have been released in Jackson’s monumental sixth studio album ‘Thriller,’ however, the band could not finish the song in time and missed the opportunity.

Here is the caption of the photo Freddie’s fan page shared:

“Freddie about Michael: ‘Michael came to watch our shows at the forum in La. I guess he liked us, so I got to meet him and we started talking. When I’m talking to him, I think, my God, he’s 25 and I’m 37. Yet he’s been in the music industry longer than I have because he started so young.

So for me, it’s kind of frightening, cause usually when artists are that age they just started and then I can teach them a few tricks, but that’s not the case with Michael. I think one of our tracks would’ve been on the Thriller album if I finished it, but I missed out.‘”

You can see the Instagram post below.