One of the most famous fan clubs on Instagram, Freddie Mercury Club posted yet another golden-worth photo of Freddie Mercury.

As you will see the photo below, Freddie holding a bar and looking really cool.

Here is the caption of the photo:

“I have no rival, no man can be my equal.” Damn right 😏
Freddie’s like:
You may be prince charming but you will never be Prince of the Universe. 💪
Gorgeous from head to toe, athletic, playful, adorable, sweet, and one of a kind 👊❤👑
And of course the naughty little tongue makes a cameo again…😝
I looooove him 😍
👉P.S. Prince of the Universe on stage but always a kid at heart…Le Petit Prince 💛
📷 Freddie on the set of the promotional video for “Princes Of The Universe” at Elstree Studios in London in February 1986. Photographed by Peter Hince (most likely!)
#FreddieMercury #PrincesoftheUniverse

You can see the photo below.