One of the most famous fan pages on the whole social media, FreddieMercuryClub, posted yet another rare photo belong to Freddie Mercury on Instagram account.

In this rare photo of Freddie Mercury, he was drinking a cup of tea or coffee while he was sitting on the seat. Also, the page has told the story of this photo and said that this photo was taken in the ’70s.

Here are some details of the photo:

“Caption this 😎🍵

Happy #MercuryMonday with this 70s long-haired beauty in that famous (yellow) jacket and those fit white pants casually “lazing on a Sunday afternoon” but still deep in creative genius thoughts and reflections with an additional dimple to bless us all 😏🔥😍

Meanwhile, I want you to focus on the way he’s holding that cup and caption this photo. 😁”

A fan named Barbara Di Leo commented:

“Love love love. Nothing that can’t be love. I read more about Freddy and Queen.. books and interviews, seen photos.

But some of that you post I never saw… thank really. I’m happy to have new material.”

Another fan named Denise Lowe wrote:

“He’s wearing clogs! Thought that was Brian’s thing every day. Doesn’t he look good in everything he wears❤️.”

You can see the rare photo of him right below.