One of the most well-known Freddie Mercury fan pages on all over social media, Freddie Mercury Club revealed a really rare and special video of Freddie on Instagram account.

The page shared a video compilation of Freddie Mercury when he performed some Queen songs. Also, they shared a really rare Acappella version of Queen’s legendary song called ‘Play the Game’ too.

Here’s what they captioned:

“Play the Game (Vocals)💥

Blessing your ears (and eyes) with this…😏❤

It took more time and work than I expected so I hope you enjoy 😍

Tuning out all the other sounds because his voice is so pure and beautiful and eargasmic on its own that it lets you experience heaven on earth…😇

Freddie’s voice is music itself 🎼👑🎶

👉P.S. I love how you can also hear his breathing…that’s how raw and unedited this is…also makes you feel closer to him like he’s singing right in front of you and only for you 💛

#FreddieMercury #vocals.”

You can watch the video and listen to acapella below.