One of the most famous fan pages of Queen icon Freddie Mercury, freddiemercuryfanclub, has shared rare photos of Freddie and Pink Floyd legend David Gilmour on Instagram.

As you can see in the picture below, they were both looking young and sharp. Freddie was wearing a blue suit on top of a white shirt that suits his charisma. On the other hand, David was full-on black and drinking his champagne.

Most of the fans shared their reaction in the comment section of the post. However, the page didn’t caption anything because they have suspended by Instagram.

A fan named Meredith added this comment:

“I love the blue suit. It’s a special kind of elegant, perfect for our Freddie. 😏”

Another fan named Aneliya Zhambul said:

“Oh damn, he is too beautiful for this world, our baby❤️😭”

Another fan named Iris Thompson wrote:

“Always such a gentleman & dressed to the tee! Miss you so much Freddie💔😪 Geniuses❤”

You can check the post below.