Freddie Mercury Online, which is one of the popular fan pages of Queen legend Freddie Mercury, unveiled the rare photo of Freddie on Instagram and showed how a perfect person he is.

This picture was taken from the backstage of ‘Breakthru’ music video, and you can see that Freddie was wearing a white shirt and pants that he is looking like an ordinary man. Also, he left some beard and shaved his iconic mustache.

Furthermore, there was an engagement ring on Freddie’s right hand that you might be wonder was he married or not. The simple answer is no, he wasn’t married. However, Freddie lived together with his latest boyfriend, Jim Hutton, and they were both wearing this ring to show their loyalty.

Here is what admin of the page wrote:

“Freddie behind the scenes of ‘Breakthru,’ 1989 🖤”

A fan named Kristin added this comment:

“I miss this man walking amongst us! No one has and no one will even come close to this showman.”

Another fan named Patricia said:

“I love this beard. He honestly is the most handsome man. 💛”

You can check out the post below.