The legendary late Queen star, Freddie Mercury’s well-known Instagram fan page posted yet another golden-worth frame of Freddie and shared the really rare photo of Freddie holding a turkey.

Freddie Mercury Club also shared the story of that special photo which was taken by Foe Fanelli at Garden Lodge in 1989.

Here is the whole story:

#HappyThanksgiving 🎊🎈🍗

“Generally Freddie would use any excuse to have a party. I remember a few times when there wasn’t a tour that Joe reminded Freddie about Thanksgiving and Freddie would lay on a traditional dinner for friends.

As Freddie was staunchly British, the celebration didn’t have the same gravitas as it does in USA, but he still enjoyed himself.”

-Peter Freestone

P.S. Don’t you just love it when Freddie’s whole face brightens up with his own brand of contagious laughter all natural and genuinely happy like that? 😍”

You can find out the photo right below.