Esme Bianco, widely known for her role as Ros on Game of Thrones, shared a post on her official Twitter page announcing her appearance on Puscifer’s brand new album titled ‘Existential Reckoning,’ and frontman Maynard James Keenan retweeted her post.

Aa you may remember, Puscifer announced a new album named ‘Existential Reckoning’ and the video clip of the two songs from the album, ‘Apocalyptical’ and ‘The Underwhelming’ were also released earlier this year.

The album consists of 12 albums released yesterday and Maynard James Keenan shared a post on his official Twitter page referring to the album, ‘Existential Reckoning’ as a joyride.

Here is what Keenan said:

“This is it. Givin our neighbors a joyride.”

Actress Esme Bianco shared a post on her official Twitter page after Maynard James Keenan and announced that she worked with Puscifer and made an appearance on their brand new album. Bianco also expressed her excitement while stating that the album came out. Her friend Maynard James Keenan retweeted her post and the two supported each other.

Here is what Bianco said:

“Living in a parallel universe where my badass friends asked me to make an appearance on their album…and it just came out today. Far out.”

You can see the Twitter post below.