Slayer disbanded in 2019, and most people considered it too soon. The band’s co-lead guitarist Kerry King recently admitted that the disbandment happened too soon. His former bandmate Gary Holt responded to the musician’s claims during his recent interview with Loudersound.

Slayer was founded by Kerry King, Jeff Hanneman, Dave Lombardo, and Tom Araya in 1981. Holt replaced Hanneman in 2011 and continued to contribute to the band’s reputation as one of the ‘big four’ thrash metal bands.

There wasn’t an official reason as to why they disbanded in 2019. However, it was rumored that Tom Araya, the vocalist, wanted to spend more time with his family and didn’t want to tour anymore. This rumor was confirmed in several interviews with the other band members.

The band members sometimes hinted that this was an early breakup as the band could have been successful in the future. Kerry King and Gary Holt stated that they shouldn’t have disbanded just yet because they were at the top of their game.

Here is what Holt stated about the early disbandment of Slayer:

“I’d have to agree. We were still playing at the top of our game, we were totally killing it. The band had a lot of years left in it, but I guess when it’s time, it’s time. When you decide to walk away from something, walk away. I can’t tell anybody they made the wrong decision.

Better to go out on top than go out unable to play your own songs, and this shit isn’t easy. Playing ‘Angel Of Death’ at 70 years old would be fucking hard. But it was time for me to come back, let’s put it that way. I was really missing my first family.

Holt returned and still is playing with his band Exodus. In this interview, even though Holt agreed that Slayer’s disbandment happened too early, Gary added that he had missed Exodus, which he referred to as his first family.