Exodus and Slayer guitarist, Gary Holt, recently posted a photo of himself and Mark Osegueda on his Instagram account and celebrated the metal star’s birthday by calling him ‘brother from another motherand said that he cant wait to tour with him when everything gets back to normal.

As you know, Gary Holt has been in the metal scene since 1981 when he started performing as the guitarist and main songwriter of Exodus. His fame increased when he joined Slayer to temporarily fill in for Jeff Hanneman and was eventually confirmed to be a permanent member of the band in 2013, upon Hanneman’s passing.

Being so active in the metal scene means that Gary Holt has had the chance to meet and perform with numerous fellow metal heads such as Mark Osegueda. Osegueda is the vocalist of Death Angel, the Californian thrash metal band that started its career in 1982 and disbanded in 1991 but returned to the stages in 2001. Mark Osegueda and guitarist Rob Cavestany are the only members of Death Angel who appear on all nine studio albums of the band.

Both Osegueda and Holt are members of the world-famous supergroup Metal Allegiance which was formed in 2014 by bassist and songwriter Mark Menghi and has released two studio albums and one EP. Thus, Holt and Osegueda have been on the same stage multiple times and Holt recently posted a photo on his Instagram account with which he appreciated their close friendship and celebrated the birthday of the successful vocalist.

Holt referred to Osegueda as his ‘brother from another mother’ and said that he has really missed him, as apparently, the duo hasn’t seen each other in a while due to the ongoing pandemic. Holt added that he can’t wait to share the stage with him again and said that he is looking forward to more shows and tours with the famous metal supergroup, Metal Allegiance.

Here’s what Gary Holt said in the caption of his recent Instagram post:

“And happy birthday to my brother from another mother Mark Osegueda, miss you bro! Looking forward to more Metal Allegiance jams when things return to normal and tours together. Cheers bro!!! Photo by Jack Lue.”

Click here to check out the photo that Gary Holt posted on his Instagram account.