In a conversation with Metal Hammer, Exodus guitarist and former member of Slayer, Gary Holt, talked about the song Metallica icon Kirk Hammett took without permission from him which eventually became the well-known Metallica song ‘Creeping Death.’

Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett co-founded the thrash metal band Exodus along with Tim Agnello, Tom Hunting, and Keith Stewart in 1979 while he was only 16 years old. In 1983, Metallica asked Kirk Hammett to join the band after their lead guitarist Dave Mustaine was fired due to his substance abuse.

The former member of Slayer and the current guitarist of Exodus, Gary Holt joined an interview for Metal Hammer and talked about the time Hammett left the band to join Metallica.

During the conversation, Gary revealed the story behind Metallica’s 1984 classic ‘Creeping Death‘ from ‘Ride the Lightning‘ album. Holt claimed that Kirk Hammett actually stole a riff, named ‘Die By His Hand,’ from the time he was still in Exodus which turned out to be ‘Creeping Death.’ He also added that Kirk never asked permission to take the song and he never received any money or credit for his song.

Here’s what Gary Holt stated about his claims against Kirk Hammett and Metallica:

“I recall calling Kirk up and giving him a great deal of grief. He said, ‘Ah, I thought I asked you if it was OK.’ I’m like, ‘No, you didn’t.’

So I’ve had the pleasure – and I use the term loosely – of watching 60,000 people chant ‘Die by my hand!’ at Metallica shows, yet I’ve never received a penny for it.”

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