Gary Holt, the frontman of Exodus and former member of Slayer, has shared his sorrows over the death of ’80s thrash metal legend Slayer Jesus on Instagram.

Holt posted a couple of pictures of Joe Hernandez, who was mostly known as Slayer Jesus, on Instagram and sadly confirmed the news about Hernandez’s death. A dedicated fan of thrash metal band Slayer, and a legendary figure who was renowned with his enthusiastic support to the band, Hernandez was an icon in Bay Area.

The loss of such a huge fan who became inseparable with Slayer was mourned by Gary Holt himself. Holt expressed his utmost grief by talking about how Hernandez kept sharing his love of Slayer with his whole family. He said that the shows which Hernandez came to see were always epic.

Here is what Holt said on his Instagram post:

“Very saddened to learn that local Bay Area legend Joe Hernandez, AKA “Slayer Jesus” has passed away after a long battle. Nicest guy you could ever meet, and seeing him in the pit at the biggest Bay Area Slayer shows I had played was always epic!

Only knew him via the gigs and saw him out front at the Bill Graham Civic show, just a hella cool dude. He shared his love of Slayer with his whole family, wife Emmy, and kids Louis and Diego.

And he yearly build a haunted house for his own neighborhood, just to do it, to share some fun with the kids where he lived in San Bruno. RIP. Thanks for everything ❤️🤘🏻❤️”

You can see Gary Holt’s latest post below.