Gary Holt is the lead guitarist of Exodus, you know. In recent years he has also taken over Slayer’s guitar and he is sidekick of Kerry King.

Speaking in an interview by Ultimate-Guitar, Gary explained how it was an experience playing in two band. He said:

Sometimes it’s almost too busy. Sometimes I just want to relax but I’m not too good at sitting around doing nothing.

I’ve been doing a ton of stuff today already and its only noon. I get up earlier than most people – I like to get a jumpstart on my day.

Later in the year we’ll have a tour coming up at the end of the year that’s in the works right now to close out that album cycle.

I kind of got the first tours for the record done a while ago and we have some more cities we need to hit. But I’ve been writing a lot for the past several months for the new Exodus record which we hope to get into the studio late fall or something like that.

We’ve got quite a lot of stuff done and Tom [Hunting, drums] and I have been jamming in the six months off we’ve had between Slayer tours. So we’ve been making some good headway.”

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