Slayer’s former guitarist and currently working for his new album for Exodus, Gary Holt, has posted a recent photo today and exposed how he managed to break Instagram’s community rules to share his ‘K*** The Kardashian’s’ merchants.

For over a year, Slayer star Gary Holt is selling lots of merchandise on his eBay account under the category of ‘Gary Holt Collectables and Instagram is keep deleting his ‘K*** The Kardashian’s’ shirt posts over and over again. However, Gary has managed to share his merch by censoring some part of the shirt with a cat emoji.

Instagram has deleted Gary’s posts because of his earlier posts were going against Instagram’s community guidelines on hate speech and symbols. Instagram also warned Gary about if he will post something that goes against guidelines again, his account may be suspended or deleted in the future.

Here is what he wrote on his latest post:

“Since Instagram removes my other posts (both of them) for the new shirt due to violating community guidelines, despite all the near porn and filth they allow otherwise, here’s the edited version!

Enjoy! Link as always, in my profile!

You can check out that funny post of Gary Holt below.