Slayer and Exodus’ well-known guitarist, Gary Holt shared a new photo of him and his current band, Exodus and shared his beautiful thoughts about them.

Holt also answered some of fans questions and revealed the exciting news.

Here’s Gary’s statement on the caption:

“Not gonna lie, it’s gonna be super cool to look over my shoulder this weekend and see EXODUS behind me ( or just the last albums artwork with no logo, depending on which backdrop we fly!) and raging some Bay Area thrash with @zetrodus and the boys!!

Gonna be super fun to play some EXO THRASH!

paul.fontiane  commented and wrote this:

“It would be fucking hella rad to see Exodus at a Riot Fest in Chicago! I’d mosh myself to death!”

A user named _wrathchild_ commented:

“When’s the new album coming?”

Holt responded:

@_wrathchild_ patience!! New riffs are earth shattering.”

Here is the photo below.