Gary Holt, guitarist of Slayer and Exodus, described his thoughts on his former bandmate Kirk Hammett. He spoke in an interview by Ultimate-Guitar and said:

“Oh it was awesome [playing with Kirk back in the day] – he taught me how to play. He showed me my first chords, my first licks, and six months later he asked me to join the band.

I owe it all to him. Obviously, I worked on it on my own to make it happen, but we hit it off as friends right away.

We became really close and he wanted me in the band enough to take his own time to teach me how to play guitar. I just took it from there.

Those were good times. We were just kids playing the kind of metal we wanted to hear.”

In the album released by Exodus in 2014, Kirk Hammett and Gary Holt produced the following song.