In a recent interview with the September edition of Guitar World, Exodus’ Gary Holt talked about Slayer’s split, stating that he believes it was better to leave when the band’s legacy was at its peak.

Gary Holt’s tenure with Slayer was supposed to be short-lived when he initially joined the band as a live member. For guitarist Jeff Hanneman, Holt was only supposed to step in for a short period. However, Hanneman could not tour with the band again after being diagnosed with necrotizing fasciitis and tragically passed away in 2013.

After Hanneman had passed, Holt remained in the band indefinitely, where he was able to record with the band for two albums, one of which was ‘Repentless’ in 2015. After being a member from early 2011 to 2019, the band decided to part ways. 

Recently, Gary Holt talked about Slayer’s split. He stated they did the right thing by splitting at their peak and having a respectable legacy. He added that while they had a lot more to offer the industry, he believes it is better to leave it on a high note than to milk the victory longer.

In Guitar World‘s new issue, Gary Holt’s thoughts on Slayer’s end:

“Did the band stop too soon? That’s for them to decide. I know that’s how Kerry feels. Maybe Tom doesn’t agree. I think the band had a lot more music in them, but you know what they say. It’s better to go out too soon than too late.

The band went out firing on four cylinders. Better to do that than milk it for a few more years when everybody knows you’re milking it. That would tarnish the legacy of the band. This way, they went out in peak form. Maybe that’s best.”

After the split, Holt focused on his band Exodus and their new music. They are touring Europe and will be traveling to the US this fall to tour with Testament and Death Angel.